1-on-1 Mobility Training

I will help you reach your movement goals while providing you with healthy joints to get you there.

• In-person Training

• Online Skype Training

Reclaiming your body and getting out of pain joint by joint.

Full-Body Assessment

Using the FRC model – we will evaluate each and every one of your joints to figure out where you have limited ROM, pain, or dysfunction. Once we identify the joints that you need to work on, a custom written program will be provided for you.

Programming + Video Content

After your first session and evaluation, I will write a custom training program for you to work and progress through to help you get out of pain and reach your goals. Program updates will occur after each in-person or online training session.

Goals + Self-Reliance

My goal is to help you learn how to self-assess each joint in your body – AND to know how to take care of those joints without having to rely on treatments.

Email me to apply for training. I’m excited to help you move better without pain!

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Pittsburgh, PA

Instagram – @clayton.moves


Online Skype Sessions

In-person Sessions